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Building Permits

According to the City's Zoning Ordinance, a Building Permit is required when you are constructing a new structure, altering an existing structure, adding an addition to an existing structure, or moving a structure where building permit fees apply.  Some common work exempt from Permits are fences not over 6 feet tall, retaining walls not over 4 feet tall, one-story playhouses and storage sheds that do not exceed 120 square feet.

Fees are based on the completed value of the project including materials and labor.

Contact the City Office for an application or you can download a printable copy by clicking on the "Building Permit Application" button.

Utility Providers
Ottertail Power Company
(800) 257-4044
Natural Gas
Community Co-op
(888) 935-2281
Halstad Telephone Company
(800) 457-2125
Farmers Co-op Fuel
Fisher, MN
(218) 891-2345
Crookston Fuel Co.
Crookston, MN 
(218) 281-7929
Grand Forks, ND
(701) 772-4873
Grand Forks, ND
(701) 746-9429
Fertile Oil
Fertile, MN
(218) 945-3188
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